Event Horizon

by Tidal Force

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"Event Horizon" heralds a new phase for Tidal Force. Owing mainly to geographical distances, we - the band - split amicably after releasing "Nebula". Eventually, I decided to turn Tidal Force into an alias for myself, with the blessing of the rest of the guys. Perhaps with the possibility of forming another band under the name some day.

"Event Horizon" is quite different from "Nebula". It is darker, sparser, more experimental and occasionally heavier than the first Tidal Force album. It is the sound of me trying to find out what kind of music I can do as "Tidal Force", experimenting with all the sounds and timbres I did not really get to play with, back when I was "just" the guitarist, and ultimately trying to create something that people who enjoyed "Nebula" would also like.

So there is little more for me to say than that I hope you WILL enjoy "Event Horizon". Different as it may be, I think you will find that this is very much a Tidal Force album. Put on your headphones and make sure you play this one loud.

// Frederik


released September 20, 2014

Frederik Olsen: DSI Evolver, guitars, voice, programming, mixing, mastering and cover art




Tidal Force Denmark

Tidal Force is a musical entity within the realm of a genre that can best be described as progressive electronic.

Spanning a multitude of sub-genres, the main intent of the music of Tidal Force is to take the listener to places that appear new and exciting, yet strangely familar.

Photography: Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach
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