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So this is our debut album at last. It's been pretty much a year since we founded Tidal Force and started working together, and in retrospect nothing has changed—much less the vision. We had a vision we went by when Tidal Force first began, and it's a vision that remains to this day—the momentum propelling us forward—the tidal forces in our compositions, pulling us like gravity through atmospheres and vast stretches of space—but also dark event horizons.
We were already well acquainted with eachother at that point—as classmates, no less—but we were never in it for the fun; in fact, writing music together was mostly quite stressful and we often nearly ended up fighting, but in the end it all paid off—the music was always worth it, and we had a blast—if not making it, then at the very least hearing the end result.

Finally, after half a year of mutual nagging and prodding, we went through some studio sessions for the studio album. As usual, we were probably ready to tear eachother up—but upon hearing the music, the storm calmed: We did it! The vision and the tidal forces took us here—unfailingly as ever—and the end result is something we can all rock out to! We invite you to join us for the ride!


released January 15, 2012

Emil Bech: Korg Kaossilator, Akai MiniAK, DSI Mono Evolver

Frederik Olsen: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Roland D-50, programming

HC Aarup: Roland Alpha Juno 1, Mac wizardry/wrangling

PC-72: Alesis Micron, MFB Kraftzwerg, ARP Omni-2, Old upright piano, Rhodes piano, Mellotron, sequencers, programming

Mixed and produced by PC-72 at Eyepot Studio VI




Tidal Force Denmark

Tidal Force is a musical entity within the realm of a genre that can best be described as progressive electronic.

Spanning a multitude of sub-genres, the main intent of the music of Tidal Force is to take the listener to places that appear new and exciting, yet strangely familar.

Photography: Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach
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